Our Story

Upper Room pays homage to the use of bare hands, both broken things fixed and new things birthed through a mixture of frustration and passion. Whether it be in a bedroom, basement, attic, garage or garden shed, we live for doing things the good ol' fashion way - by hand!

We love leather because it is not only highly durable but it also beautifies with age, increasing in character as a unique patina is developed. Leather is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, produced from a by-product of the meat industry with the use of natural products. At the end of its long lifespan leather is fully capable of biodegrading, unlike its imitators. 

At Upper Room we value simplicity and quality and incorporate these values into each of our products, taking pride in craftsmanship and paying attention to the finer details. All of our pieces are of the highest quality, using only premium leathers and solid brass or steel hardware. Each design is derived from endless hours of thought, measurements, trial, error, and eventually emerging a finished product. The end result is practical, tasteful and will last for years to come. All crafted from start to finish here in Australia.

When you buy from us or take part in one of our workshops, you aren't just supporting a brand. You are helping a young family to continue to express their creativity and to do what they love. So thank you for shopping small and sharing our appreciation for quality made goods, you don't know how much it is appreciated.